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Starting again

I have been dying to write again, to journal, to fill blank space with words. To sound out a few things. To get graphic without offending people, or making them uncomfortable. I’ve lost my two sounding walls- M &T. Neither want to hear my thoughts on my current life state or my relationship with E. I can say right now to them- FUCK YOU.
I had to listen to you T when it killed me inside that you were dating before I was over you. Encouraging you while it felt like you were twisting the knife in my heart.
And FUCK YOU M that it’s all good to talk about how you fucked your wife last night and how good it was, but I can’t even mention that E came over last night to without you being upset. Fuck you that you’re jealous. You aren’t leaving your wife to be with me, so fuck you. Suck it up Marine.

I have been supportive and helpful and loving to both of you. And now that I am happy, now that I want to talk about getting laid, or going out, you two get uncomfortable. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU.

Thats all I have right now darlings, I just wanted to put that out there right quick to start off.